Benefits and preferences

The following privileges and preferences are provided for participants in the FEZ:

1) For 10 years, a zero tax rate on the profit of organizations is established in the part to be credited to the federal budget.

In the part to be credited to the budget of the city of federal significance of Sevastopol, the following corporate tax rates are established:

  • 2 percent - within three years from the date of entry in the unified register of participants in the free economic zone;
  • 6 percent - from the fourth to eighth years of activity as a participant in the free economic zone;
  • 13.5 percent - from the ninth year of activity as a participant in the free economic zone.

These rates are applied provided that taxpayers keep separate records of income (expenses) received (generated) from each investment project in the free economic zone and income (expenses) received (generated) from other business activities, which is also provided for in paragraph 1.7. Articles 284 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.

2) Exemption from tax on property of organizations for 10 years;

3) Exemption from payment of land tax by organizations participating in the FEZ - for land plots located on the territory of the FEZ and used to fulfill the agreement on carrying out activities in the FEZ, for 3 years from the month the ownership of each land plot occurs;

4) The possibility of applying accelerated depreciation in relation to own depreciable fixed assets;

5) Reduced rates of insurance contributions in the amount of 7.6%, of which 6% to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, 1.5% to the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation, and 0.1% to the Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund.

This benefit is applied to participants who entered the FEZ until 2017 inclusive, in relation to persons employed in the implementation of the investment project in the FEZ.

6) Land plots for the arrangement of facilities that are necessary for the implementation of investment projects are provided to a participant of the free economic zone (FEZ) with no tendering process (since 2017).

The following preferences are also applied in the territory of the FEZ: