Loans at 0% for SMEs from banks of Sevastopol

RNKB Bank began supporting small and medium-sized businesses in issuing loans to pay employees.

Requirements for applicants:

- belong to the category "Small Enterprise" or "Microenterprise",

- annual turnover is less than 800 million rubles,

- number of employees - no more than 100 people,
- credit is given for up to 12 months,

- the rate on the loan at a rate of 0% is valid for the first six months, it will be 4% per annum in the remaining period,

- the loan amount is defined as the regional minimum wage - 12130 rubles, multiplied by the number of employees of the enterprise.

For more information, we recommend contacting the call centers of banks:

RNKB: +7 (800) 234-27-27

GENBANK: +7 (800) 333-55-45

Russia: +7 (800) 100-11-11

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