Roscongress Foundation has developed an investment platform for Russian regions

The Roscongress Foundation and its investment unit, the RK-Investment Fund, have developed a new convenient tool - the investment platform of the Russian regions 

The platform is a unique information space and communication environment that combines the interests of Russian regions, project initiators and investors. Participants are provided with a personalized digest, selected automatically according to the selected parameters and key socio-economic indicators, in which they will be the first to get acquainted with promising regional investment projects and information about exporting manufacturers.

The platform will result in a unified and publicly accessible database of investment projects of the regions of the Russian Federation with the ratings assigned to them, and in the future, a unified ecosystem focused on unlocking the economic and investment potential of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, integrated into the product structure of the Roscongress Foundation.

Currently, posted projects in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation with a total budget of more than 248 billion rubles with a declared investment of more than 201 billion rubles.

The Roscongress Foundation invites the leadership of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation interested in implementing promising investment projects, authors of business ideas, as well as potential investors to cooperate on the platform.

Detailed information is available in the appropriate section of the Investment Portal of the Russian Regions and on the website of the RK-Investment Fund.

Contact person at the Roscongress Foundation:
Director of the RK-Investment Fund
Shatirov Alexander Sergeevich,
Tel: +7 (909) 909-22-55,
+7 (495) 640-44-40.

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