Over 14 thousand sites for production: the Ministry of Economic Development presented an investment map of Russia

The Ministry of Economic Development has developed an investment map of Russia at https://invest.gov.ru. The platform has already been launched and is available to investors and entrepreneurs from Russia and beyond.

The information on the site comes from regional investment maps of the Russian Federation. For businesses, it is an opportunity to choose a land plot for any project: from opening a cafe to building a large industrial plant. Data on around 14,000 investment sites, including their size, equipment, and available support measures, are available on the map.

Regional executive authorities and investment development agencies provide content and regular updates of the investment map. Ready-to-use industrial sites, land plots for construction and agriculture, and premises for small business can be found on the map.

One can assess the business environment of a future project: sales markets, preferential regimes, availability of minerals and infrastructure — from road paving to mobile communications. If the necessary communications are not available, the conditions of technical connection to engineering networks are indicated on the plot cards.

The map allows you to search for sites in different regions and compare their potential. There is information on key macroeconomic indicators of Russian regions that may impact the project. This will allow you to estimate project costs and select the state support measures.

The Ministry of Economic Development previously created a support measures portal for investment projects, which can be found at https://invest.economy.gov.ru. It had 80,000+ unique users in 2023. The latest support measures offer 30 new options, which include aid for securing loans, preferential treatment, and exemptions from taxes and customs.