Residents of the free economic zone in Sevastopol will invest 3 billion rubles in projects in 2024

The current year will see a 3 billion rubles investment from Sevastopol’s free economic zone residents towards implemented projects, expected to yield 1,000 job opportunities.

“In 2024, residents of the free economic zone are expected to invest about 3 billion rubles with the potential to create over 1,000 new jobs. In 2024, 30 new agreements on the conditions of activity in the free economic zone in various sectors of the economy are to be concluded”, the department of economic development of the city confirms.

On the territory of Sevastopol, 356 participants of the free economic zone are implementing investment projects. The total amount of capital investments from the concluded agreements exceeds 11 billion rubles. According to early reports, the volume of investments starting from 2015 is expected to exceed 17.3 billion rubles, resulting in the establishment of over 15.3 thousand jobs by the beginning of 2024. The most projects are in the fields of industry, services, construction, and trade. The largest volume of capital investments since 2015 is in agriculture, amounting to 4.3 billion rubles. Since the establishment of the free economic zone, its residents have paid almost 43.5 billion rubles in taxes and insurance contributions to budgets of all levels, and received various tax and insurance benefits worth 22+ billion rubles.

Free economic zones were open in the Crimea and Sevastopol in 2015. Their residents are exempt from property tax for ten years, land tax for three years, import duties and taxes. In addition, land plots are allocated to residents of the free economic zones without a tender.