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The Russian government has expanded the federal list of affected industries

The Government of the Russian Federation has expanded the list of the most affected sectors of economic activity.

Added to it:

32.99.8- production of folk art crafts;

47.19 - other retail sale in non-specialized stores;

47.99.2 - automated trading activities.

Sevastopol entrepreneurs repeatedly appealed to the Government of Sevastopol in order to expand support measures in the industry, which relate to OKVED 47.19, and not just its subgroups.

The proposals were taken into account and sent to the Government of the Russian Federation with this and other OKVED, including 32.99.8, which is already included in the regional list.

Today, a large number of entrepreneurs will be able to receive assistance, which is established by the Government of Russia.

The following support measures will be available to these industries:

- gratuitous financial assistance in the amount of the minimum wage - 12 130 rubles;

- exemption and deferral of rental payments;

- interest-free loans to pay employees;

- from June 1, it will be possible to obtain loans with a preferential rate of 2% and a state guarantee of 85% of the loan;
- full write-off of tax payments, except VAT, and insurance contributions for the II quarter of this year, as well as other support measures that will be taken at the federal level in the future.

The Government of Sevastopol will continue to send proposals to the Government of the Russian Federation to further expand the federal list of affected industries.
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