Project of complex-mechanized specialized production line for production of mold-baked sorts of bread

Ltd. "King bread" - a company whose history began in 1930 when in Sevastopol was built the first bakery.
Today, the company produces a wide range of rye, wheat and rye-wheat bread, more than 20 items of buns, pies, crackers, confectionery products.
In Sevastopol and other cities of Crimea, more than 48 of its own retail outlets were opened, the company’s corporate network was expanded.
From 2004 to 2015, more than 560 million rubles were invested in the enterprise, as well as:
  • full computerization and software of production and sales operations;
  • created a fleet of specialized vehicles;
  • powerful reconstruction of the main production; 
  • launched a new complex-mechanized line for the production of branded bread;
  • a new bakery with a capacity of 4.5 tons per day was built and put into operation and a line of exclusive premium bakery products was launched on the market;
  • a new compressor station was commissioned;
  • according to the energy conservation program, new boilers of a leading European manufacturer were commissioned;
  • a proofing-oven cyclothermal unit based on the PPP 2.5 oven for the production of rye-wheat and rye custard shaped breads with a daily capacity of 20 tons was put into operation;
  • modernization of the confectionery workshop with the installation of new furnaces and equipment for the confectionery industry;
  • automated packing and slicing complexes were installed and commissioned with a capacity of 45 units of chopped and packaged products per minute;
  • the stage of the technical re-equipment of production was completed - a new complex-mechanized line for the production of hearth varieties of wheat flour was put into operation;
  • the enterprise is a member of the free economic zone, which contributes to its further development and modernization.
Investments in the modernization of production facilities, the renewal of our own fleet of specialized vehicles, the acquisition and installation of new software products for 2016 amounted to more than 68 million rubles.
The amount of investment in the acquisition and installation of a new complex-mechanized line specialized in the production of shaped varieties of bread amounted to 20.5 million rubles.
Over the past 4 reporting years, the company's net profit increased by 126.54%.
The return on sales for the last reporting year is 13.11%. The return on equity ratio for 2018 is 52.15%.
Estimated number of jobs created - more than 200 units.